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#2: Too Close to the Ball! - Judy Dixon – My Tennis Life

When moving to the shot ball, visualize the space to the side of the ball, not the ball space. You will need to position your body in the space to the side, so that you can make your turn as you draw close. The forehand can be a weapon or it can be a major weakness. Give it the space it needs! – Judy Dixon. Share this page with your tennis friends!

Tired of Getting too Close to the Ball on your Groundstrokes ...

Tired of Getting too Close to the Ball on your Groundstrokes? (Here's an easy fix) If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch ...

Jammed Groundstroke Solution - Tennis Lesson

Another great way to practice this is with mini tennis. It's almost impossible to take a full, relaxed swing and put a ball 3 feet over the net that lands halfway in the service box. If you're too close, you'll pop it up ridiculously high or spray it long.

How To Prepare Early And Stop Hitting The Ball Late | Feel Tennis

Mar 18. 24. Hitting the ball late in tennis is one of the most common challenges you will encounter, and only early stroke preparation on your forehands and backhands will allow you to hit the ball on time. You may have heard your coach say, “Prepare early” or “Turn quickly”, and yet you’re still finding yourself preparing late for your strokes. Consequently, you hit the ball late, which results in a poor shot.

Simple Tennis Forehand Tips For Hitting The Ball More Cleanly

Try hitting the net cord while looking to combine all movements into one smooth, upwards racquet movement. Then also add the elements that create forward force – namely, the rotation and movement of the arm forward. The final sequence is comprised of rotation and simultaneous movement of the arm forward and upwards.

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Podcast #129: Stop positioning yourself too close to the ball

And I find that most players have problems being too close to the ball on the forehand side. So let’s say that the feeder is hitting you shots out to your right if you’re a right handed player, again about three or four steps away from the middle of the baseline.

Tennis Tip: The Right Distance To The Ball - YouTube

————————————Are you ready to maximize your serve power?Click here to access our FREE serve power video series: https://go ...

Does Playing Tennis Against the Wall Help? (My Top Tips ...

Make sure you hit a ball; you won’t have to extend your arm to reach for once it rebounds. Additionally, you should not hit the ball too close to yourself, so you need to position yourself appropriately. The tennis ball’s proximity to you should also influence how you move when hitting a rebound ball.

How To Improve Your Forehand Smash In Table Tennis?

A forehand smash is not that straightforward as it might seem on the paper. The ball is required to qualify for a forehand smash in table tennis. Therefore, reading the incoming ball is equally important as hitting the ball with a paddle. So, players should perform a forehand smash when the incoming ball gains a greater bounce.

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Forehand Backspin Serves i. To catch out your opponent so that they cannot return the ball a) Beginning position - Stand outside left side line with left foot slightly in front - Upper body must be parallel to the left side line - Hold racket parallel to the table with the ball lying on the palm in the other hand - Get ready with serves grip with hands close together b) Backswing - Toss the ...