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Quiz: Which Basketball Position Are You? Everyone in high school is always encouraged to find a sport that they would love and do it to their best abilities. Basketball is the most popular sport I school and if you want to join the team you have to know your position. Take up the quiz and find it. 1.

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Take the quiz and find out! What Basketball Position Should I Play Historically, only three positions were recognized (two guards, two forwards, and one center) based on where they played on the court: Guards generally played outside and away from the hoop and forwards played outside and near the baseline, with the center usually positioned in the key.

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What is your basketball position? Basketball is a team sport, which has many positions with specific jobs. Point guard takes out the ball, shooting guard shoots, small forward awaits for a pass, power forward defends, center rebounds, etc. Basketball is a busy game. When playing basketball with a group of people, have you ever wondered what position you would have if you were playing real basketball?

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But, you know, he is, AHHHM. obviously better. Power Forward. Power Forward. You are the second tallest on your team and you happen to be the strongest. You can knock down mid range shots, as well as post up and you have good ball handling. You need to be an all around player to be a power forward. Center.

What is your basketball position? - Make Your Own Quiz

What is your basketball position? Your Result: Shooting guard. 62%. You are a little shorter than average, but an outstanding shooter from farther distances as well as up close. You are fast, but your defensive skills are not as good as your taller teammates. 56%.

What Basketball Position are you? - Quiz

Dunk the ball as hard as i can. Back my opponent in and try to get the dunk or lay-up. Wait for the screen and get the ball and shoot the 2-pointer. 4. 5. Whick one of these are you? The leader of this team. I just drain the 3-pointers all day. Im the power house and dunk the ball over my puny opponents.

What basketball position should you play? - New Quizzes

You are strong and comfortable with a lot of physical play. You have the ability to shoot from farther distances :) You are a Center. You are a Center. You are tall enough to get the rebounds and to block shots. You are also good at blocking passes. Your goal is to get open for a pass and to shoot.

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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, but only 10 players can be on the court at a time. We think your time with b-ball has influenced you in ways you don't know, and we can accurately guess which position you played.

What basketball position should you play? - Quiz

Ever wonder what basketball position you should play? Now it's time to find out! Sign up Log in. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. Settings Language. Help Terms ...